Narrows Timber Co. Ltd.

Woodlot Licence Plan Development for WL 1856

On behalf of Narrows Timber Co. Ltd., Hugh Watt of True North Forestry Consulting is preparing a Woodlot Licence Plan (WLP) for Woodlot Licence (WL) 1856 located north of Nakusp, B.C. at Nacillawaet Creek / Rocky Road. The term of the plan will be 10 years (2021-2031) from the date of approval by the District Manager.

Narrows Timber has operated the woodlot licence since 1998. The WLP applies to all forestry operations within the WL area, including surveying, timber harvesting, road construction/maintenance, and silviculture activities. A similar management regime is anticipated going forward.

The draft WLP and associated maps can be downloaded with the links below:

If you would like to discuss the WLP or receive further information, please contact Hugh Watt at True North Forestry Consulting. Comments are now closed and the WLP has been submitted for approval.